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What is God’s time? – Bible Study Day 25

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II Kings 19 – I Chronicles 6

25 “Have you not heard? From long ago I have determined it, from the days of old I have planned it, and now I am bringing it to pass…”

II Kings 19

When we think about our past or look forward to our future, we imagine time in a straight line. Even the verbiage we use when we talk about time approaches time like approaching a stop sign on the road, always moving forward in a straight line. The reason we think that way is pretty clear; time is a sequence continually moving and moving in one direction. There is no app (yet) where wan can adjust a slider and go back to the roaring 80s or early 2000s and experience things again. God’s time, however, works differently.

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In Peter, he writes how ‘one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day’ to God. Of course, God is omnipresent and omniscient, so He has to both know the future and be in the future along with the past. What does that even look like? And also why bother being in the past? It’s a mind-bending thought because we have no reference for godly time. I’m going to make a stab at it and leave everyone with some idea.


The way we view time is linear, like a timeline. God’s time is more spherical, where He’s at the center. Time is both happening all at once and happening only once at a time. However, there is a third or fourth or eighth dimension where God’s time is ‘linear’ in the sense of the sequence of His actions. He is everywhere all the time when it comes to us but there’s a godly dimension where His seconds add up, but He can still manipulate that dimension which then creates another dimension in which that action of that dimension is being counted and even that dimension God is over. To sum it all up basically, God is infinite.

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