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Esther Condensed – Bible Study Day 32

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Nehemiah 10 – Esther 9

17 “And the king loved Esther more than all the women, and she won his favor and loyalty more than all the virgins, so he put a royal crown on her head and made her queen…”

Esther 2

One of the biggest heroes not only in the Bible but in Jewish history as well,  Queen Esther is celebrated as a figure who prevented genocide against the Jewish people. She was made queen after the king was upset at his former wife because she disobeyed and so Esther won his favor afterward. The story of Queen Esther is probably the most well written and well-told stories I’ve read so far in the Bible.

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There is the rise of a villain and the rise of a hero who also remains humble, and you have tragedy and subversion in the story as well. I almost feel the urge to say spoiler alert as I wrap up the book of Esther. The antagonist, Haman, has taken it upon himself to murder the Jewish people, but first, he wanted to hang Mordecai. He prepares gallows for Mordecai to be hung; however, Esther has the king promote Mordecai and sentence Haman to death. So in an ironic twist of fate, Haman is hung in the same gallows he made.

Esther is another one of the ‘flyover states’ books in the Bible preceding the book of Job. However underrated it may be it is an excellent book in the Bible, and it can stand alone as a well written short story about the history of Purim.

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