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Bible Study Day 5: Must I Remind You

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Exodus 7 – 20

God has freed the Hebrew slaves from Pharaoh through Moses and Aaron and are now wandering the desert. Here is where we began the long journey to the land of ‘milk and honey’ that God has promised the Israelites. As they wander, every so often the Israelites begin to complain and long for the days of slavery where at least they were fed. This frustrates God and He continually has to tell Moses to tell His people ‘must I remind you who I AM?’

This is going to be a shorter post than usual and probably more cliche because the essence of this story as we read through the chapters we look at the Israelites as ungrateful and absent-minded about God’s actions. Surely if God had freed us from slavery and received all the gifts He gave them we’d be faithful, grateful, and loyal servants. God is patient, however, people like to think that ‘patient’ means being able to tolerate nonsense for an endless amount of time when in reality it means to tolerate it longer than necessary.

How long is longer than necessary? Well that depends on the person, but after which that person is justified to respond however they see fit. Our God loves His people which is why He constantly reminds us about Him no matter how far we stray from Him, He continues to remind us because He is patient. We must not push God away and harden our hearts so much that He no longer desires to remind us of Him.

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We'll be right back after a word from this banner. Continue below ↓

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