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Arguing with God – Bible Study Day 34

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Job 13 – 25

23 “How many are my iniquities and sins? Make known to me my transgression and my sin. 24 Why do you hide your face and count me as your enemy?”

Job 13


In most stories we read in the Bible when it comes to the Patriarchs there are moments where they find themselves arguing with God. Abraham was upset about his wife not being able to conceive and also when he attempted to spare Lot. Jacob literally wrestled with God and dislocated his hip which then caused a life long handicap. One aspect of being in fellowship with God is having doubts or concerns which sometimes boil down to simply arguing with God. It is not a sin for us to question God or argue with Him, He knows our hearts and He gave us mind in order to reason and be critical. However, even though God allows us to debate Him we must recognize He is God and we are His clay.

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Arguing with God

When Job is going through tribulations he finds it just in his mind to question God to defend his case. We sympathize with Job because tribulations are a part of life and when we go through them we seek God for answers. What Job seemed to have forgotten and what we forget to when we question God is this, in order to bring our case to God we must operate in His realm not ours. What I mean is similar to a court proceeding where certain rules and evidence must be followed to be admitted the same applied when we approach God.

We can’t come to God on appeals of emotion or appeals of feelings because our feelings or emotion don’t outweigh the rest of humanity. We must approach God using His standards and that ultimately becomes a non starter for us. If we want to accuse God of being unjust or unfair we must use His standard or one greater than His to hold Him accountable.


At the end of it all when it comes to having fellowship with God, or with anyone we leave, we must trust. Trust that God indeed has our best interest at heart and trust that when we feel as though God is allowing terrible things to happen to us He is also there with us. It may not be a sin to question God, however, questioning Him implies that He either made a mistake or an error in judgment. The error in judgment comes from us and never from Him.

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