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90 Day Challenge Update

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“Excellence comes when we balance quality with quantity.”

Amit Ray

You may or may not have noticed I haven’t posted a blog in the last few days. This is not because I’ve stopped my daily reading because I have not; it’s because I realized something while posting every day about my daily readings. The Bible has a central theme throughout its book, God redeeming man who has fallen. Now several books tackle this theme in several ways from Adam and Eve to the anointing King David to Queen Esther saving her people, and that’s only the first half of the Bible. These stories and its central theme don’t unfold in ten chapters; they reveal themselves in dozens of chapters, maybe even a couple of books. So even though there’s a lot I can write about in regards to these stories, doing a daily post does not do them justice because I will only be talking about little pieces of a much larger story.

Also, doing daily posts dramatically diminishes the quality of the post each passing day. Some posts will be better than others simply because the stories they cover are more interesting or lend themselves topics that can be explored. This does a disservice to the other posts that can’t be interesting and serves as a level just below spam by putting up content for the sake of putting up content. Each post that covers a portion of the Bible deserves top quality from the writer (me) for the reader (you), and simply just summarizing stories and rerunning a characteristic of God with no further insight is no better than reading a Wikipedia article.

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All this to say I will continue the 90 Day Challenge and its reading however I won’t be spam posting blogs every day. Instead, I will be posting at least once a week covering that week’s entire reading and offering quality writing with insight that the Bible and the readers deserve. Because I won’t be posting every day, you can expect the posts to be of the best quality where I can dig deep on a topic without concerning myself on the next day’s post and giving adequate time for that. I hope this allows you to look forward to reading posts coming in the next several days and with that bring up some ideas perhaps never fully considered or never fully understood.

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American Christianity

Reading Time: 6 minutes The majority of Americans are not Christian, but rather subscribe to a religion that is a sum of self-help speeches with enough Jesus sprinkled in to pass as Christianity.

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